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Bonnie McKee, "American Girl"

If Bonnie McKee’s new single sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard her work before. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has collaborated on some of the biggest hits of the past couple years (like practically all of Katy Perry’s smas -

Miranda Cosgrove, "The First Cut Is the Deepest"

This isn’t exactly a music video, but iCarly fans are bound to appreciate the production values on Miranda Cosgrove’s cover of Sheryl Crow’s “The First Cut Is the Deepest.” It’s not too far off from the original, with the exception of her de -

The Dirty Nil, "Zombie Eyed"

If you were an over-serious middle schooler who used to listen to DC 101 under the covers with headphones on school nights in the mid-90s, then you will have a fierce appreciation for the new music video from Ontario’s The Dirty Nil. Yeah.

Violent Soho, "In the Aisle"

Apparently there is a Australian man named Dario Western who rides his bike nude through Brisbane once a year. He is now a music video star. Props to whoever went in and pixelated the ridiculous amounts of junk on display below.

Leerone, "She's Your Bird"

Take one look at Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Leerone and it’s clear from which age she draws much of her inspiration. Her new video for “She’s Your Bird,” the single from her brand new album Heart Shaped Bullets, is a smoky, sultry o -

Kelly Rowland, "Dirty Laundry"

Kelly Rowland always turns up the heat for her music videos, but it was still a little surprising to see her breaking out the swimwear for the “Dirty Laundry” clip. For those not in the know, the song is a highly confessional R&B tune about -

Moby, "A Case for Shame" ft. Cold Specks

Moby’s latest music video just happens to be his directorial debut. Shot at the artist’s home in Los Angeles, the video presents a horrifying but colorful vision of the afterlife, in which people wear masks of shame. It’s very interesting, b

Marina and the Diamonds, "Lies"

Marina Diamandis took a page from the Sinead O’Connor playbook for the music video for “Lies,” a sweeping electro-ballad off of her excellent album Electra Heart. For those wondering how to pack massive gluts of sadness into a few spare scen -

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