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Voodoo - Sophie Marie



This is Sophia Marie’s 1st music video. As seen on RAGE ABC TV. The song
“Voodoo” is off her latest album “Twisted”.

Sophia-Marie is based in Hornsby Shire, Sydney NSW Australia and knows
what life is about. Feisty, tough, raw, real, risk-taking and rule
breaking, she has the ability to express herself with an edge that
affects everyone who hears her and leaves them wanting more.

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Sophia Marie’s Music

Sophia is interviewed in episode 2 of “Street Sessions with Shane Cook”,
which is to be launched 19 March 2008 here on YouTube. Sophie’s episode
will be uploaded 19 April 2008.

Shoot Stats:
2 weeks of concept and storyboarding
10hrs filming over 2 days
73hrs editing

Cast of 4:
Black Widow: Sophia Marie
It: Stephen Wells
Lead Guitar: Roland Koto
The Tree: Itself

Crew of 5:
Producer: Greg Bepper
Director, Camera,Editor: Greg Bepper
Assistant Director: Shane Cook
Make Up: Amy Gardner
Stills: Luke Read
Playback: Nicholas Bepper

Main Equipment:
Camera: Sony HDR SR12e
Editing Software: Sony Vegus Pro 8.00

Shot on location at Thornleigh, Hornsby Shire, NSW Australia. The
producers are grateful to Hornsby Shire Council for their assistance.


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